Atheism vs. Christianity

Dr. Al Mohler writes about this in his latest blog commentary [READ HERE]. You can read the entire article for yourself, but I would like to provide a few excerpts if I may.

Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Texas, had these remarks in response to The God Delusion, a tract for atheism by fellow atheist Richard Dawkins. His comments serve as an indictment of 'Christians' in American society today:

"But although most Americans may be sure of the value of religion, as far as I can tell they are not very certain about the truth of what their own religion teaches."

"Most Christian groups have historically taught that there is no salvation without faith in Christ. If you are really sure that anyone without such faith is doomed to an eternity of Hell, then propagating that faith and suppressing disbelief would logically be the most important thing in the world – far more important than any merely secular virtues like religious toleration."

"Even though American atheists might have trouble winning elections, Americans are fairly tolerant of us unbelievers. My many good friends in Texas who are professed Christians do not even try to convert me. This might be taken as evidence that they don't really mind if I spend eternity in Hell, but I prefer to think (and Baptists and Presbyterians have admitted it to me) that they are not all that certain about Hell and Heaven. I have often heard the remark (once from an American priest) that it is not so important what one believes; the important thing is how we treat each other.... imagine trying to explain "not important what one believes" to Luther or Calvin or St Paul. Remarks like this show a massive retreat of Christianity from the ground it once occupied, a retreat that can be attributed to no new revelation, but only to a loss of certitude."
I provided the bulk of the comment here but visit Dr. Mohler's site for the entire text as well as Mohler's commentary. Mohler also has a previous entry on The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins at his site.

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