Update on Previous Post

I had indicated a positive identification had been made of my cousin and his friends but it turns out that we are still awaiting "official" verfication by the state medical examiner.  However, the three skeletal remains were found in the missing van registered to my cousin, so we do not expect good news.

Thanks to those of you who have offered their prayers and encouragement.  I'll share more as things become official.


Prayer Request

About 10 years ago my second cousin, Bill V. Gross,  and two other guys disappeared.  They were on their way from  their home in western KY to visit family in eastern KY, but never arrived.

The case went cold and it seemed as if it would never be solved.  However, within the past few days the van they were in, along with the remains of all three, were found submerged in a lake/pond near Owensboro, KY.  Investigators are still conducting their investigations to determine the causes of death and to gather additional forensic evidence.  From the original investigation a decade ago there are definite reasons to suspect foul play.  

I just ask that you pray for his parents and siblings, as well as all of his extended family.  Pray that God's grace will comfort and strengthen everyone through this time.  Also, assuming foul play is involved, pray for the police as they seek to find clues and make arrests.

Even though we suspected that he was dead we all maintained a small glimmer of hope (denial I guess), but now it is reality. Although it is good to have closure it is still very painful nonetheless.



This and that...mostly that

It has officially been too long since I last posted.  I have been a busy beaver with reading, homework, and church responsibilities. 

However, Michelle and I got away for a Friday night and Saturday for my birthday recently, and that was a wonderfully restful time.  When she asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told her that I wanted to go away somewhere, but it had to be a day trip.  I finally decided on the Creation Museum near Florence, KY.

They previewed a new DVD on global warming the day we were there that I would commend to everyone.  We should all be responsible stewards of the environment but it reinforced my suspicion that global warming is not primarily man-made. 

For instance,  there is reliable research which suggests warming trends may be caused by sun spot activity.  Although not definitive, the correlation between historic global temperatures and past sun spot activity is very compelling.  Related to this is the fact that our oceans give off more carbon dioxide than humans produce, and this production increases when the water is warmer; like when sun spots are more active.

I would encourage everyone to check out the museum (including planetarium) sometime soon.  It is a very high quality museum that is dedicated to sharing the gospel through their displays and feature presentations.