If They Persecuted Me...

Tomorrow's Sunday School lesson is about Jesus' words to his disciples about the coming persecution. I must admit that I really have never experienced persecution for my faith. Inconvenienced maybe, but my safety has never been in danger due to being a follower of Christ.

Just today I was reading a letter from a colleague of the Christians brutally killed in Turkey recently. Please follow the link below to read the entire letter (Warning: some of the descriptions may be too graphic for some).

A letter to the Global Church from The Protestant Church of Smyrna


Prayer Requests

Just a quick post with a couple personal prayer requests:

  • My dad is having surgery in the coming weeks. He is having a complete knee replacement on his left knee. It appears to be a routine procedure, relatively speaking, but obviously can have complications. In particular, he is diabetic a has a little high blood pressure. Neither are very bad but enough to cause concern. His age is also a concern, he is 74. Pray for the surgery and subsequent therapy.
  • Lord willing, Michelle and I will be moving by the end of May. We will be moving to a house closer to her job and our church (less than 10 minutes to either). However, I will now be commuting to classes and work (35-40 minutes). I would prefer to do this than for Michelle to drive it every day, but it will still be an adjustment (especially for the early morning Greek classes that I'm dreading next semester since I already don't do well with languages). Please pray that my car will hold up specifically. I had some warranty work done on the engine about a year ago but I feel like it didn't fix the problem completely.


What's Wrong With This Picture? - Answer

Ok, time for the answer to the big question from my previous post. Congratulations go to West Virginia on their NIT championship! However, it seems the t-shirt creator performed below championship level.

Virginia is spelled incorrectly!