Modesty Survey

The Mahaney ladies over at Girl Talk posted information about a modesty survey Alex & Bret Harris have over at their Rebelution website. This survey is for Christian guys and the questions were taken from questions asked by young ladies at their site.

Their site and blog, based on rebelling against the common low expectations of youth & 1 Timothy 4:12, are primarily geared toward teens and has a lot of great information promoting a biblical worldview.

They have a forum where members can interact, as well as articles by a host of contemporary authors such as Jerry Bridges, Josh Harris, John MacArthur, C.J. Mahaney, Albert Mohler, & John Piper (not to mention not-so-contemporary authors like Richard Baxter, Charles Spurgeon, and J.C Ryle).

"I am so glad Alex and Brett are using their blog to proclaim a biblical worldview for teenagers... The Rebelution is one of the few blogs I can encourage my young teenage son to visit." – CJ Mahaney

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