Jesus in a Box

No, I'm not talking about some new evangelism tool. The title refers to the non-issue of the the Jesus tomb.

There isn't anything beneficial I could add to the copious responses we've all seen within the past week concerning the Jesus Tomb documentary, so I'll follow Justin Taylor's lead over at Between Two Worlds and recommend Dr. Danny Burk's site where he provides an excellent summary, including links, of responses. Find it HERE.

I tend to agree with Dr. Burk that the story has probably run its course since most reputable scholars, both Christian and non-Christian alike, have basically rejected its claims. He writes:

Darrell Bock is an evangelical scholar, and Bart Ehrman is an agnostic one. Yet according to Jeffrey Weiss of the Dallas Morning News, they have the same opinion about the so-called “Jesus Tomb.” It’s a bunch of “hooey”!
I'm sure the mass media will probably try to keep it alive for a while longer, especially the morning after it airs, but it is safe to say that Christianity has nothing to worry about.

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