Keller and The Centrality of the Gospel

I believe I must be behind the times. I have just recently become familiar with Tim Keller (other than just his name) and so far I really like what I'm reading. While searching the web I've realized that he has quite a following.

If you haven't read it I would commend his article entitled The Centrality of the Gospel to you. It provides very practical advice on how to apply the gospel to every area of our lives. He also provides some thought provoking discussion questions. I was especially challenged by his comparison of irreligious and religious people (yes, I said comparison and not contrast).

He writes, "Irreligious people seek to be their own saviors and lords through irreligion, "worldly" pride (no one tells me what to do or how to live...)." He continues, "But moral and religious people seek to be their own saviors and lords through religion, "religious" pride (I am more moral and spiritual than other people)." He concludes, "... these are two different ways to do the same thing - control our lives."

Read the entire article HERE to get the full unpacking of these ideas plus many more on this important subject.

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