Kentucky Baptist Association Boots Church

According to their recent newsletter, the Upper Cumberland Association of Harlan, KY expelled Sunshine Baptist Church during the the 2007 annual meeting in September. The online newsletter states that they took this action because the church called a pastor with an Independent Baptist Church background.

In similar business, they recommended that all member churches cease fellowship with this church and also not to accept members from it or provide membership letters for those in your congregation moving to this church.

Surprisingly, there was no indication the new pastor was going to lead the church away from being a cooperating Southern Baptist congregation. Also, to my knowledge, associational leaders did not discuss this matter with the church prior to removal.

Therefore, I am absolutely dumbfounded why such a severe action was taken. I am especially troubled that the association did not share its concerns with the church prior to removal. For all intents and purposes they decide to treat this congregation as a group of unbelievers, but why?

I have heard rumors that it was actually because the new pastor's wife was married once before. If that is the case, why hasn't it been mentioned officially? I have been aggressively beating the bushes trying to get some answers, but to no avail. I want only the best for all parties involved, but based on the facts presented I cannot help but believe their actions are inappropriate.

I really want to be wrong in this situation. It is my home association involving people I’ve known for a long time and respect very much. So, I will be glad to change my opinion and publicly recant my comments if I determine there is more to it than they published.

I am proud to be a Southern Baptist and to serve as a North American Mission Board missionary, but I am truly saddened by such improper action by my home association. May God grant everyone involved humility and a heart willing to seek reconciliation.

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