The issue of Calvinism within the SBC continues to frustrate me. Not because of the issue itself, but because of the number of Southern Baptist leaders simply lying about the facts. I want to believe it is out of ignorance but surely they know better.

I'm hoping and praying they will begin showing some integrity on the issue. Although, no doubt there are those on both sides of this issue that need to present a little more grace and integrity.

We get that you don't agree but at least let your reasons be based on facts. Calvinists are NOT anti-missionary or evangelism (what about William Carey, Adonirum Judson, or Spurgeon?) and are NOT necessarily anti-invitation, although reducing regeneration to simply raising your hand or walking the aisle is problematic for a number of reasons.

The most misunderstood aspect, and usually the most misrepresented, is the fact that there will not be anyone in hell who truly desired Christ, and there won't be anyone in heaven who didn't want to be there.

The thing I find most troubling is something I've witnessed personally. I've experienced a person's very Christianity being questioned because of their position on this issue. Unless someone is blatantly refusing to accept the essentials, then I fear for anyone with such an unloving attitude toward a brother or sister. Timmy Brister over at Provocations & Pantings puts it best:

"Young Calvinists in the SBC are not expecting you to agree with Calvinism or be a “five-point Calvinist.” We are not even asking you to go back and appreciate your Baptist history and what God did through the founders of the SBC. But what we (if I can speak for the younger generation) are asking is to cease misrepresenting the truth and attempting to rewrite history.... the trouble that young Southern Baptists have is not that you have a trouble with TULIP but that you have trouble with those who believe the TULIP." (referring to current SBC President Frank Page's inaccurate book Trouble with the TULIP).

Grace and peace to you all!

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