Happy Independence Day!

On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence, announcing the colonies' separation from Great Britain. Read the Declaration of Independence

We will be celebrating and honoring the birth of our nation tomorrow. I feel, however, that the real reason for this day is lost on many people. Even though my citizenship is in heaven I cannot help but express gladness in how God has blessed me to be part of such a great country.

What about the idea that we live in 'Christian country'? Stephen at 'the lower case' has a good post on this issue HERE. I would also suggest a similar post from Stephen HERE.

On a less serious note, I am the object of some laughs and friendly harassment because I'm bothered by the term "Fourth of July." We are not simply celebrating a date on the calendar that we happen to share with countries around the world. It is Independence Day! Just as with the generic (and equally dumb) 'happy holidays' for Christmas, this term completely misses the real reason for the day. Maybe I should start referring to Christmas as "the 25th of December" to show just how silly it sounds?

I encourage the use of the correct name because I don't want anyone to forget. I want us all to honor people like my dad who served in the Korean War, or the many other men and women who have served and died to protect & preserve our independence. May we never forget the sacrifice they have made, and are making even as I type this.

Happy Independence Day!


stephen said...

thanks for the links!

i agree with you on the "4th of july" thing... we are so lazy we cant even call the holiday what it is!

-stephen (by the way, you may need to change your link on your front page to the lowercase.. i moved to wordpress)

Mike Gross said...

Stephen- you're welcome... and thank you for reminding me to update my links to your new blog address.