SBTS and the Conservative Resurgence Revisted

I recently had a conversation with a graduate of SBTS from the mid-70's who claimed Southern never had liberal professors (I guess it depends on your definition) and made the troubling statements, "I wouldn't eat at the table with Mohler" and, "I would take my Southern over your Southern if I had to choose."

I find the comments troubling & offensive because I don't know if he considers Dr. Mohler to be a brother in Christ, or if it is just because Dr. Mohler helped bring SBTS back to its historic roots and to a position as a respected institution once again; a move that many from the 70's do not like because of the steps required to make it happen.

As a student of Southern Seminary I am generally proud of the institution and its leadership. Personally, I believe Dr. Mohler is man of integrity and is sincere in his desire to glorify God though his presidency of SBTS, even if it means taking an unpopular position on certain issues. Even for those that do not agree with him on certain non-essential issues, I would be real careful about making such negative comments about a brother or sister in Christ unless it's due to them holding a heretical doctrinal position.

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