To God be the Glory

God's greatness and love for us never ceases to amaze me. Our move to Louisville went smoothly and He provided for all of our needs.

However, I'm scheduled to begin my new job almost a month later than I had planned, so things were getting a little tight financially with some worries creeping in whether we'd be able to afford bills and my classes (shame on us).

He then reminded us how utterly reliant we are on Him for our very breath and that it's His grace alone and not our own self-sufficiency that our needs are met. Our home church learned of our need and has given generously to more than make up any financial deficiency.. Praise the Lord!

In the words of Spurgeon, "If hunger brings us to our knees it is more useful to us than feasting; if thirst drives us to the fountain it is better than the deepest draughts of worldly joy; and if fainting leads to crying it is better than the strength of the mighty."

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