Michelle and I returned home last night from a trip to Wallins Creek to spend time with family during Christmas. We had a wonderful time, albeit too short, and spent some quality time with our families.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. The weeks leading up to Christmas Day are filled with anticipation and excitement. Not about the gifts I will receive, but because of all the activities such as Christmas plays and cantatas and family get togethers. I would have liked a little bit of snow though.

Also, it is nice to watch Christmas classics such as It's A Wonderful Life, or my personal favorite... A Charlie Brown Christmas. Who isn't filled with emotion as Linus tells Charlie and the rest of the gang, including us, what the true meaning of Christmas is? You ever notice that when Linus gets to "Fear not..." he drops his security blanket? Amazing!!!

It is the incarnation of Jesus, God in the form of man, that gives real meaning to this time of year. As great as the other traditions can be, I am humbled when I think that the perfect Son of God came as a lowly baby and would grow up to be crucified in my place. The one who knew no sin came to bare the wrath I justly deserved. That, to me, is the true miracle of Christmas.

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