New Look

Well, I updated to the 'new and improved' Blogger and am very happy with the changes! They have addressed/improved the editing & posting problems I shared in my previous post.

I have changed the look and title of my blog and will now begin using it often. Also, I'm sure you have noticed but I have increased the font size to make it easier to read. As the title suggests, I will be providing my biblically based thoughts on issues related to upholding sound doctrine in our churches and in our individual Christian lives.

Some of you may be visiting from www.mike-michelle.com so you'll no doubt read much of the same thoughts as you've seen in the past, and others may be visiting for the first time. Either way, I pray you will find my posts thought-provoking, edifying, & encouraging. There may also be times when you may not leave with a 'warm & fuzzy' feeling, but that is okay as long as I've been faithful to Scripture. The most important thing is that God be glorified in all that I write.

I look forward to your honest and respectful feedback!

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