Stop Dating the Church

This book by Joshua Harris has been around for a couple of years and I have always been intrigued by its premise. From my own experiences I have witnessed professing Christians who seem to lack any excitement or dedication to the family to which they claim to belong.

Just as in dating, they seem to be more focused on the 'here and now' and what benefits are afforded to them by the relationship to the rest of the 'family'. Also, it is often characterized by a casual approach to involvement and concern for the life of the church. Much like a dating couple who go out occasionally and do not commit to the long-term health and overall well-being of the other party.

"Is your faith a solo pursuit? This book reminds us that this was never God's intention. The church is the place God grows us, encourages us, and uses us best. Stop Dating the Church is Joshua's third book on relationships, but it's unlike any of his previous books. Instead of finding biblical counsel on how to relate to the opposite sex, this book is about how you should relate to the family of God." - Description from Sovereign Grace bookstore.

I have not read the book yet but, again, find the analogy very accurate. I desire to see the family of God fully committed to the local family of believers to which they belong. Not out of duty or personal gain, but based on a sincere desire for involvement rooted in genuine love for God, His church, and fellow believers.

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