We Are the Body

Continuing a theme from previous posts I wanted to express my ongoing concern on the state of the local church in 2007.

On a personal note, I am thankful that God led us to a church where all members are actively involved with the ministries of the church. But, most of all, they are involved & interested in the life of their fellow members. Their love to us has been a blessing during the past several months.

Having said that, I am amazed at the number of folks in most churches who are uninterested in this wonderful family life. It definitely leaves several questions unanswered. Is it that they have never been truly converted? Are they saved but in rebellion toward God? or, a question we can ask ourselves... Are the other family members treating them in such a way they have no desire to be around them (lack of love, gossip, etc.)?

I am interested in this subject so much because I truly want to see the family of God, globally and at the local church level, become as intended by God. I don't discuss it because it provides a lot of filler for my blog, but only because my heart is broken to see a healthy body of Christ based on Scripture.

I was listening to The Albert Mohler Program yesterday, with guest host Dr. Russell Moore, and he made a comment that has been echoing in my head since, "If there is love for the head (Christ), there will be love for the body." I pray that the Holy Spirit will show each of us anything we need to repent of in regards to the church and give us the grace to love & serve both the head and the body.

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