The Numbers Don't Lie

Anyone involved in SBC life these days has probably heard of the issue concerning missing members. There is a huge discrepancy between membership numbers within the convention as opposed to actual attendance. Christianity Today offers an editorial on the subject entitled Statistical Shell Game [READ HERE].

The article mentions, although not by name, a resolution on regenerate church membership submitted by Tom Ascol during the recent SBC convention in San Antonio, TX. They write, "Opponents cited Baptist polity and said the convention had no authority to tell churches how they should regulate membership and report those numbers." [Read Resolution] I find that reason terribly troubling since they make non-binding resolutions all the time that would easily fall into the same category (calling for consistency here).

I believe we must drop the facade, get our collective heads out of the sand, and show integrity as a convention concerning our membership, even though 16 million sounds good in the press. The eternal destiny of our "church members" are at stake if we do not take them seriously and take our responsibility to them seriously. God help us!

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