A Little Help from My Friends

I'm writing a position paper for my Systematic Theology III class with Dr. Ware and have settled on the subject of eschatology, especially as it relates to the timing of the 'rapture' and millennial reign of Christ.

I picked this subject because I really have never developed an adequate understanding of why I believe what I believe, or if what I believe would even stand up to a critical application of the biblical data. So, I though it would be a great opportunity to improve in this area.

For all of my Christian life I have generally affirmed a dispensational premillennial position. Of course this is primarily due to my upbringing (my dad is a huge Jack Van Impe fan) instead of an honest study of the biblical data. My preliminary research seems to support a more historic premillennial understanding, but this is where I would like to ask for your assistance.

Does anyone know of any quality sources on this issue? or, would you like to share your personal understanding of Scripture in this area? Any feedback and/or input would be greatly appreciated!

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