Who to vote for?

If you were to ask 100 Christians what criteria should be used in casting your ballot in the 2008 presidential elections you would probably get 100 different replies. Most would agree on the need to support the sanctity of human life, but it becomes less clear after that... at least from what I've been reading in the world of Christian blogs.

What do you think? is it wrong to vote for someone who basically holds the same moral values as the typical Christian although they are Mormon (Romney)? or, should we support a Baptist preacher just because he is 'one of us' (Huckabee)? Are key issues like abortion and homosexual marriage the primary litmus test for voting as a responsible Christian citizen (with other issues weighed accordingly of course)?

I'm asking a lot of questions without giving much in return. So, let me say that I'm leaning toward Huckabee as I write this. Remember, he is Chuck Approved and we share the same first names... what other reasons do I need?!

However, someone did mention Huckabee's relationship to Kenneth Copeland on a blog I read. Drats!!! I thought I found an acceptable candidate and now I learn that he should be anathematized too (Mike says with tongue firmly planted in cheek).

I'm hoping to get some helpful and godly guidance so that I will be better prepared to vote. I also want to prompt readers to carefully consider the motives behind their choice for President. I'm not so naive as to think someone is going to meet every little standard I set, unless I run personally, but I think that we need to be careful about deciding on what constitutes a deal breaker.

Let me make clear that there are many candidates on both sides that I am not considering because of their position on issues such as abortion and family issues (i.e. homosexual rights, etc.).

Your thoughts?

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stephen lee cavness said...

you should take a look at ron paul's platforms...